Work Safety Day 4.10.2021 «Work Safety Involves Everyone»

The Theme for the Ports’ Work Safety Day 4.10.2021 is Work Safety Involves Everyone

The ports’ work safety day in the beginning of October takes place at a time when the dark and slippery time of the year is approaching. As the daylight fades and winter arrives, there are many hazards involved with harbor work. The work should flow with steadfast steps.

Highly visible and protective work clothing and many other improvements during decades of development, have essentially improved the safety of harbor work. However, no singular effort nor instruction eliminates the fact, that everyone is personally responsible for his or her own safety.

The employer is responsible for ensuring a safe work place and the responsibility of the employee is to comply with rules and instructions and care for his or her own safety as well as the safety of the co-workers. When deficiencies are detected, it is important that they are reported according to the procedure of the work place. The importance of reporting safety observations should not be downplayed. If you look the other way with a minor safety hazard, you might later become a witness to, or even a victim in, a severe accident.

The chosen theme for this autumn’s work safety day is Work Safety Involves Everyone. The port’s safety day will be held on Monday October 4th, 2021 in all Finnish ports. The main organiser for the theme day is the Finnish Port Operators Association with the Finnish Port Association, as well as the trade unions AKT and PRO, as partners.